New Job; Banana Republic

because my last one sucked dick.
I get 75% discount. SEVENTYFIVEPERCENT!!

On the 28th August i enrol for a course in Make-up for Fashion and Photography! I am beyond excited about it. Hopefully i get to experiment with some prosthetics and latex, If not them i’m gonna need some creative freedom 

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4 / reblogDoesn’t even look as though i went to cyprus for 2 weeks.

I went to Ayia Napa and i dont get what all the fuss is about. Probably because i don’t remember the night i spent out there. ha.

2 weeks on holiday with 3 lads is smelly and messy.
I’m also still pretty pasty white.

My holiday was awesome!
I lost 13 followers whilst having a life.

My last two days of Beauty School this week! (untill September, when i start my Media Make-up Course :D )
Then Next week its my Birthday!!
Then the week after I go on Holiday for 2 weeks :DDD

Life is gooooooooooooood! O(≧∇≦)O

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3 / reblogI don’t know even know what this is, its 3am and I have the energy of around 7 cups of coffeeall i’m doing is smoking and watching South riveting is my life.

i’m sorry but it makes me feel uncomfortable when people i know repost loads of sex gifs and porn on tumblr. Create a separate blog or like that shit privately i don’t need all that on my dash kthanks.

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i also fuckin love it when someone sends me a message and its full of some shit opinion about something i posted on another social networking site. Seeing as though my twitter is personal it means some shady sad fuck, who i actually know, has come on my tumblr to chat shit instead of growing a set and taking it up with me in person.

Every time i meet someone new, i’m like shit we could be friends.
Then it turns out they’re either bat shit crazy or two faced as fuck… or both.
This is mostly a problem i have with chicks.
What the hell.

Thank god for the only two girl friends i have aha.

3 / reblogHate not being able to just turn off my brain and sleep.Here is a picture i took a few days ago. Yeah i’m on instagram; Kaytibeee
9 / reblogHoping to get an outfit together like this for Chirstmas dinner with my whole family.

2012 has definitely been the year i cut the crap from my life and moved forward with every intention of never looking back.